Police storms Unity Fountain, stop movement of BBOG protesters




Early hour of Tuesday , hundreds of  police officers stormed the Unity Fountain, Abuja, where the Bring Back Our Girls (BBOG) movement converge, to stop them from embarking on their usual protest to the state house.

The BBOG had announced some weeks ago after  video of Chibok schoolgirls was released by Boko Haram,  its decision to continue her protest and  marching to the villa every 72 hours until President Muhammadu Buhari tell  them of an immediate plan to rescue the girls who have been in captivity since 2014.

Mr.Abiodun Alamatu, a police officer, said he had orders to stop the protesters from embarking on a march.

“The way you people are taking this thing is getting out of control,” he said.

A leader of the movement, Aisha Yesufu expressed her  anger saying that they could not be barred from embarking on a march in a democratic era.

“If you were the one taken, I will stand stand for you, or is it because you were not taken? If it was your daughter, I will stand for you,” Yesufu said.

Mr. Anjuguri Manzah, FCT police spokesman, issued a statement, blaming the group of creating tension in the nation.

“These indiscriminate actions which are carried out in disorderly and sometimes riotous manner create unwarranted tension and apprehension among law abiding citizens and in the process obstruct legitimate business activities,” he said.

“The command hereby advises any person or group of persons who wish to embark on any demonstration to notify the commissioner of police FCT in writing and secure approval.”

The statement which is similar to the one issued in June 2014 by the then police commissioner, Joseph Mbu banning all forms of protest in the Federal Capital.

Mr Mbu was sued by the group BBOG  where the FCT high court ruled in their favour, declaring that it is the constitutional right of citizens to protest.




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